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Interior designer resume

An interior designer resume must be very detailed and a special attention should be paid to the previous works completed by the applicant. It is highly recommended that you include some Internet links that can take the reader to web pages where he can actually check out some of your works. If you do not have any works published online you should consider posting your works on some free websites before sending your interior designer resume to potential employers. Your interior designer resume must be professionally written and has to focus only on your professional experience, education and skills. Please also remember to match your qualifications and past experience to the particular job posting’s duties and responsibilities. Sample Duties and Responsibilities for interior designer job posting:

  • Coordinating and developing a complete interior design plan for various areas
  • Selecting paint colors, materials, wall art, wall coverings, floor coverings, furnishings, fixtures
  • Controlling all furnishings and coordinating all furniture moves
  • Preparing and presenting detailed professional plans, sketches and overlays
  • Developing diagrammatic sketches of offices, patient rooms, etc.
  • Developing cost estimates for projects
  • Maintaining an ongoing program for refurbishing furniture
  • Reviewing all assigned renovation and construction projects and providing design consultation
  • Preparing equipment and furniture listings for all assigned projects

Your interior designer resume should perfectly show that you have all it takes to do the work professionally and up to customer’s satisfaction. It is also probably a good idea to show some creativity in your interior designer resume since creativity is one of the most important skill for this kind of a job.

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You can review some examples of interior designer resume on our website and proceed writing your own interior designer resume. But, if for any reasons you do not have time or necessary skills to write interior designer resume yourself our experienced team of resume writers is always at your convenience.

Interior designer resume

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