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Flight attendant CV

Nowadays most of the airline companies require you to fill in an online questionnaire to apply for a flight attendant position, also some of them suggest you to submit your Flight attendant CV in a plain format, which means that you should pay extra attention to the content of your Flight attendant CV, because visually it will not stand our among other CVs. Therefore we recommend you to check on Flight attendant CV requirements of the company you are applying to, otherwise your Flight attendant CV might not be considered. When listing your work experience make sure that your Flight attendant CV matches company’s list of responsibilities.

Most of the airline companies list following responsibilities on their job openings:

  • Assist passengers in case of emergencies
  • Serve meals on board
  • Answer passenger’s questions
  • Demonstrate required safety procedures to passengers
  • Keep track of on board inventory
  • Provide first aid to passengers
  • Check information on the boarding pass and guide passengers to their seats

Flight attendant CV keywords

You should also use the following keywords on your Flight attendant CV:

In-flight Supervisors, In-flight Management, interpersonal skills, flight operations, In-flight Base Manager, aviation experience, aircraft supplies, flight attendant certification, on-time departures, customer service standards.

Flight attendant position sometimes requires you to work under pressure, which can be stressful for many people. In case if you are not sure that you are this kind of person who can stay calm even in emergency situation, you can pass our Personality test to see if this job matches your personality.

We can help you to make sure that your Flight attendant CV is of a proper format. Just provide us with all required information about your experience and the reason why you want to obtain this position and we will complete a professional Flight attendant CV for you.

Flight attendant CV

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