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Nanny resume

Your nanny resume should be outstanding if you want to get a nanny position. Most of the parents are very concerned when choosing a nanny for their kids, therefore they will examine and evaluate your nanny resume very carefully. Of course when working on your nanny resume you should include all your previous experience. Medical or teaching background would only be an advantage for you. Also do not forget to include your talents and extra courses taken on your nanny resume.

To meet strict parent’s criteria make sure that you nanny resume make sure that it corresponds to some basic responsibilities.

Sample nanny responsibilities:

  • Conduct developing activities with kids
  • Help with the homework
  • Make sure that kids eat and sleep on time
  • Keep children safe
  • Share your observations with parents
  • Provide effective leadership; be an example for children
  • Entertain children in a healthy and useful way
  • Provide first aid in case of emergency

Nanny resume keywords

These are some of the keywords, which you should consider using when writing your nanny resume:

CPR Certification, role model, time commitment, stimulating activities, school-aged children, rewarding activities, academic stimulation, social stimulation, CPR training

Still not sure how to do it? Then you should check our nanny resume sample. Checkout its structure and key things that should be included.

If Nanny job is gonna be your first job experience and you are not sure that you have all required skills and knowledge, you can refer to our Personality test to check on that. It will give you a list of jobs that it the most suitable for you.
It seems that it’s simple to write an outstanding nanny resume if you have appropriate training, experience and references, but if you don’t, or if you are not sure that you will be able to present all your skills effectively, you should let our professional do if for you.

Nanny resume

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