Key Tips for a Successfully written resume:

Clearly state your objective!

Objective is the first thing an employer reads in your resume. It simply states why should s/he hire you, in what way you will benefit the company. So avoid using cliche but clearly define what you are looking for and in what way you will benefit the company.

Keep it neat and simple!

On average HR manger spends from 10 to 15 seconds per resume, so at first glance your resume should look neat and organized to attract HR manager’s attention. Usage of big words in your resume makes it hard to read, therefore make sure your writing is easy to read and understand.

Use action words and key words!

Use action words that mean that you actually “did” something. For example avoid saying: I was a manager of 7 people in the office. It’s better to say: I managed a team of 7 people.

Also make sure to use keywords for industry and position you are interested at. For example, if you have a job ad, try to use words that are mentioned there in your resume.

Spell check your resume and check your email address!

Make sure you spell check your resume and check the validity of your contact information, before sending it to anybody. Also try to avoid posting your personal email address that goes like: baby_19, ilikemyemail77, crazychick_1 and etc.

Your email address should reflect your seriousness about the position. It’s better to create a new account for professional correspondence.

Carefully select the information for your resume!

A good resume is not the history of your past and there is no point to include everything in it. A good resume should match the required job description, so we advise, before writing anything ask yourself “how is this information related to the job I am looking for?”

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