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Drafter resume

With managers receiving hundreds of resumes every month your main task is to complete a drafter resume which will catch your potential employer’s attention in 5 seconds. This task looks pretty challenging but we are willing to share some tips on how to make your drafter resume an interview winning one.

As we have previously mentioned, employers do not have time to read 100% of the information provided in your drafter resume. And the first tip how to pass their first glance is to mention only those job titles and skills in your drafter resume which are relevant to a specific job description.
Another advise is to use in your drafter resume a design, which will highlight the most important information about your previous work experience, your achievements and skills.

Design of your drafter resume should get employer’s attention but the content of drafter resume will bring you an interview. An affective and interview-winning drafter resume should be informative but precise at the same time, it should not be longer than 1,5-2 pages. It is a great idea to use specific numbers when you describe your achievements.

Machinist resume keywords

Another excellent strategy to make your drafter resume more goal oriented is to include a key words that employers provide in job ads or job descriptions. If you do not have any specific position to apply for, in your drafter resume you can use some of the key words mentioned below:

Word/Data Processing, Front-end Operations, Quality Customer Care & Retention, Database Administration, Office Maintenance, Collections, Accounting Software (Lotus 1-2-3, QuickBooks Pro), Profit & Loss Reports, Customer Development.

And finally in your drafter resume you should not mention your skills but sell the benefits of them. You should reveal all you advantages and show your potential recruiter that you are the person who are worth to be invited for an interview. With the help of our free Personality Test you can discover the strengths of your character which can be included in your drafter resume.

There is also a sample of drafter resume (or other industry related) which you can find useful before starting your own drafter resume.

In case if you still have any doubts on how to write an impressive drafter resume you can always contact us for a professional assistance. Please contact our Support Team staff for a details information on a services we provide.

Drafter resume

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