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Truck driver resume

Looking for a truck driver position and need to write a truck driver resume that will bring you to an interview?

As with all resumes, the main goal of your truck driver resume is to show your employer that you are the most appropriate candidate for a vacancy. While writing your truck driver resume you should remember the main rule – provide only relevant and truthful information.

An objective of your truck driver resume should be one or two sentences summarising your goals and expectations for the current position.

The main part of every truck driver resume is relevant job experience. There you should list all your previous achievements and experiences which are related to the truck driving. Please be rational and stay precise when writing this part of your truck driver resume. A huge massive of unsorted and unformulated information included in a truck driver resume will turn off every employer.

We also advise you to review your potential position requirement and include some of them in your truck driver resume. If you do not have a specific job position to apply for you can use some of the basic task and responsibilities from the list below:

  • Transportation of goods in a timely and accurate manner
  • Stay aware of all related local, state and federal rules and regulations
  • Routes and daily schedule planing according to the general delivery schedule
  • Perform assigned paperwork with the subcontractors and other third parties
  • Communicate and report to Dispatcher or Transportation Supervisor
  • Perform post-trip and pre-trip maintenance on assigned truck

Truck driver resume keywords

Some employers delegate truck driver resume reviewing to machines and software. Your truck driver resume will only pass this stage in case if you include some industry keywords. The most commonly used keywords for truck driver resume are:

CDL license, Commercial Drivers License, Over the road, TR, O T R, O.T.R., truck maintenance, schedule planing, route planing, Class A or Class B commercial license, Routing management, on-board fleet management systems.

We would also recommend you to verify if the truck driver position is appropriate for your personality and your character before you start writing your truck driver resume. If you have any doubts on your compatibility with this position please check our free Personality Test.

Considering a complexity of writing a strong truck driver resume we are always ready to offer you our professional help. Team of our writers will write or edit your truck driver resume on the highest and most impressive level.

Truck driver resume
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